Antwerp, 25/04/2010, BEL - DVV Antwerp Marathon & 10 Miles
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1.391NMBS NAT PLOEG BEL2:37:263:44 16.081BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
2.336ARAC BOYS 1 BEL2:38:553:46 15.931CMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
3.362XPAAL A.K BEL2:46:173:57 15.231CXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
4.326MDI-ATEAM BEL2:53:464:08 14.572BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
5.412XTOTAL PERE TOTAL BEL2:56:194:11 14.361BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
6.310GENTSE BC - RUN TO PLAY BADMINTON BEL2:59:284:16 14.111AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
7.343ARAC BEASTIE BOYS BEL3:01:014:18 13.992CMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
8.311MON LEZARD BEL3:01:014:18 13.992AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
9.342FARAC SUPERGIRLS BEL3:03:304:21 13.801CFT?l?chargez votre diplome!
10.357TOL VV BEL3:05:214:24 13.663BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
11.340VL.BRABANTSE SNELHEIDSFREAKS 2020 BEL3:07:444:27 13.493AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
12.338VK TRAPPEN STEELS BEL3:09:374:30 13.354AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
13.309TEEPEEJEES BEL3:11:374:33 13.215AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
14.331XRUN FOR FUN BEL3:13:084:35 13.112BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
15.383BRANDWEER ANTWERPEN BEL3:14:114:37 13.044BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
16.320XBH VELOCITY BEL3:14:314:37 13.021AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
17.321AE RUNNERS BEL3:15:294:38 12.955BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
18.346XDE INDE WEG LOPERS BEL3:20:094:45 12.652CXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
19.379DE GROENTJES L.O BEL3:21:584:48 12.546BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
20.406XTOTAL BT-C BEL3:23:294:50 12.443BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
21.405TOTAL 2 FAST 2 SEE BEL3:25:474:53 12.307BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
22.411TOTAL KLEINE CRACKERTJES BEL3:28:124:57 12.168BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
23.312XDE VANDENHOECKSKES BEL3:29:224:58 12.092AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
24.420XUMICORE BEL3:29:504:59 12.074BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
25.367XGEMEENTELIJK HAVENBEDRIJF BEL3:30:225:00 12.035BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
26.324COOL RUNNINGS BEL3:31:215:01 11.989BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
27.335XDOCKX RUNNERS BEL3:31:295:01 11.976BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
28.332XIOB TEAM BEL3:33:465:04 11.847BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
29.351XCM LEUVEN BEL3:33:515:05 11.848BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
30.402LEVANTO 1 BEL3:34:055:05 11.8310BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
31.392XFOR SARAH WITH LOVE BEL3:35:035:06 11.773AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
32.366XSVS-PRESONEEL BEL3:35:055:06 11.774AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
33.389DE SCHILSE LOPERS BEL3:35:175:07 11.766AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
34.381BUURTREGIE BEL3:35:295:07 11.7511BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
35.363XKEEP ON RUNNING ! BEL3:36:475:09 11.683CXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
36.382XROAD RUNNER BEL3:37:375:10 11.639BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
37.394XTEAM KERLIJN BEL3:37:555:10 11.625AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
38.347XLINKEROEVERS UITGEVERS BEL3:39:105:12 11.5510BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
39.301XDE UITEINDELIJKE WINNAARS BEL3:39:215:12 11.546AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
40.315XGOSSELIN BEL3:39:415:13 11.5211BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
41.368XDE INFRAXRUNNERS BEL3:39:465:13 11.5212BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
42.304XBER (BEN EFFE RENNE) BEL3:40:375:14 11.487AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
43.421XWERMINVAL RUNNERS - TEAM 1 BEL3:41:145:15 11.4413BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
44.386THE RUNAWAY BRIDES BEL3:42:085:16 11.407AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
45.327XDE CRACKS BEL3:42:355:17 11.3714BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
46.388XPINK RABBITS BEL3:42:415:17 11.3715BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
47.374XINFRABEL LEUVEN BEL3:43:285:18 11.3316BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
48.409XTOTAL FAST 4-WARD BEL3:44:135:19 11.2917BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
49.358XDE WEGWZIJZER BEL3:44:225:20 11.288AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
50.323XDUSTBUSTERS BEL3:45:445:21 11.2218BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
51.378XFLYING HIRSH-KES BEL3:46:415:23 11.1719BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
52.341XDE BRESSERS BEL3:47:115:24 11.1420BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
53.305XDE VALSE TRAGE BEL3:47:455:24 11.129AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
54.418XTOTAL TRA NC3 SQUATERS BEL3:48:215:25 11.0921BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
55.354XDE TERP / WILBERT BEL3:48:445:26 11.0722BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
56.306FXIXI NO BANHO BEL3:49:385:27 11.031AFT?l?chargez votre diplome!
57.329XSTEVENS HOUT RUNNING TEAM B BEL3:50:085:28 11.0023BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
58.314D.RUN.K BEL3:50:435:29 10.978AMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
59.385XF1 RUN BEL3:50:505:29 10.9724BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
60.431XTEAM 431 BEL3:51:245:30 10.94-T?l?chargez votre diplome!
61.414XTOTAL PLANNING BEL3:52:165:31 10.9025BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
62.356XSINT-URSULA 1 BEL3:53:065:32 10.8610AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
63.333XDE KUIKELTJES BEL3:53:355:33 10.8411AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
64.415XTOTAL RUN 4 FUN BEL3:53:405:33 10.8426BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
65.302DA KAN WA RAPPER HE BEL3:53:575:33 10.8212BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
66.417TOTAL TRA DIRECTIE BEL3:54:405:34 10.7913BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
67.330XSTEVENS HOUT RUNNING TEAM A BEL3:55:295:35 10.7527BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
68.390XEEN HOEKSKE AF BEL3:55:525:36 10.734CXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
69.322XCHIQUITA MOOV BEL3:55:535:36 10.7328BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
70.365CORONA RUNNERS BEL3:56:135:36 10.7214BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
71.317XLGP-LADIES BEL3:58:035:39 10.645CXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
72.364XVAL-I-PAC BEL3:58:305:40 10.6229BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
73.339XMADELIEFJES BEL3:58:455:40 10.6012AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
74.407TOTAL DREAMTEAM BEL3:58:505:40 10.6015BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
75.350XITM MASCOTTE BEL3:59:085:41 10.5913AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
76.396XFASTFOOT BEL3:59:175:41 10.5814AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
77.303XBAETEKES BEL3:59:455:41 10.5615AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
78.393XTEAM BABY BEL3:59:495:41 10.5616AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
79.413XTOTAL PILOTAGE BRUSSELS BEL4:00:095:42 10.5430BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
80.328XACCELERATE ! BEL4:00:155:42 10.5431BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
81.373XGUAPAS BEL4:03:305:47 10.4032BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
82.410TOTAL FUNTASTIC RUNNERS BEL4:04:005:47 10.3816BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
83.334XMANUCHAR BEL4:04:585:49 10.3433BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
84.419XTOTAL ULTIMATE 6-PACK BEL4:05:405:50 10.3134BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
85.352XDE TERP / GERT BEL4:06:025:50 10.2935BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
86.355XSINT-URSULA 2 BEL4:07:575:53 10.2117AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
87.404DONCK 06 BEL4:08:105:53 10.2017BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
88.416XTOTAL RUNNING MIFT TEAM BEL4:08:265:54 10.1936BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
89.313XSNOWCATS BEL4:08:425:54 10.1818AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
90.377XVESPA WARRIORS BEL4:10:065:56 10.1237BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
91.360XPITO 1 BEL4:11:425:58 10.0619AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
92.361XGUIDO'S LADIES BEL4:13:376:01 9.9820AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
93.372XSINT -JOZEFINSTITUUT KONTICH 4 BEL4:14:136:02 9.9621AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
94.398XDVV BEL4:14:376:03 9.9438BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
95.401XKADODDER 2 BEL4:14:406:03 9.9422AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
96.349XMESSER TEAM 2 BEL4:14:476:03 9.9439BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
97.403XLEVANTO 2 BEL4:15:096:03 9.9240BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
98.395XBELGIBO BEL4:16:346:05 9.8723AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
99.300XCPU RUNNERS BEL4:16:476:06 9.8641BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
100.325IL CALICAMENTOS BEL4:17:336:07 9.8318BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
101.400XKADODDER 1 BEL4:18:056:07 9.8124AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
102.316XOPEN SCHOOL : DE RENDIEREN BEL4:18:236:08 9.8042BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
103.408XTOTAL FAO DIRECTIE BEL4:20:016:10 9.7443BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
104.318XINEOS ACCOUNTING BEL4:20:106:10 9.7344BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
105.308XDHAWILSCA BEL4:21:136:12 9.6925AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
106.319FOPEN SCHOOL 2 : DE RENDIEREN BEL4:22:266:14 9.651BFT?l?chargez votre diplome!
107.337XFACE IT BEL4:23:216:15 9.616CXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
108.353XDE TERP / HILDE BEL4:25:426:18 9.5345BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
109.376XKINDERDAGVERBLIJF DEUGNIET BEL4:27:456:21 9.4646BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
110.399XWERMINVAL RUNNERS - TEAM 2 BEL4:28:076:22 9.4447BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
111.397XWACCO BEL4:30:116:25 9.3726AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
112.371XSINT -JOZEFINSTITUUT KONTICH 3 BEL4:31:456:27 9.3227AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
113.370XSINT -JOZEFINSTITUUT KONTICH 2 BEL4:31:516:27 9.3128AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
114.369XSINT -JOZEFINSTITUUT KONTICH 1 BEL4:31:526:27 9.3129AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
115.375XHASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE BEL4:34:156:30 9.2348BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
116.307XDE SPELERKES BEL4:37:066:35 9.1430AXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
117.345ROTONDE 1 BEL4:37:126:35 9.1319BMT?l?chargez votre diplome!
118.344XROTONDE 2 BEL4:38:056:36 9.1049BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
119.384XDE NIEUWE ANTWERPENAAR BEL4:39:356:38 9.0650BXT?l?chargez votre diplome!
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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