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Brussels, 09/10/2021, BEL - British School of Brussels Cross Country
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1.1957FCATARINA DA FONSECA GASPA ASP21:1821:184:16 14.092
2.7727FEMILIE B ISL21:3121:314:19 13.943
3.205FMORENO, ELVIRA ASH22:3322:334:31 13.317
4.203FPAUWELS, EMILLIA ASH22:3822:384:32 13.268
5.2363FHANNAH TREVELYAN-SHIPPISB23:4723:474:46 12.6212
6.2389FCECI SHERIDAN ISB25:1225:125:03 11.9117
7.202FMORRIS, CHARLOTTE ASH27:4927:495:34 10.7925
8.2387FALEXANDRA MACNAUGHTON ISB28:0028:005:36 10.7226
9.175FBARBARA LAMBERMONT GITO33:0333:036:37 9.0836
10.201FCOLLINS, MICHELLE ASH33:4033:406:44 8.9138
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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