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Brussels, 09/10/2021, BEL - British School of Brussels Cross Country
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1.7735JEREMY SCHUEREMANS STJ12:1312:134:05 14.741hom1
2.7746PAULO SANIN DOMINGUEZ ISB12:1412:144:05 14.732hom2
3.1986VALIANT C ISA12:1812:184:06 14.643hom3
4.90JENSEN EVANS BSB12:1912:194:07 14.624hom4
5.86ODYSSEUS MURPHY BSB14:2414:244:48 12.505hom10
6.91LUKAS HIGHAM HACE BSB14:2414:244:48 12.506hom11
7.89LOUIS ANDREWS BSB14:3614:364:52 12.337hom12
8.88THOMAS GARTLAND BSB14:5114:514:57 12.138hom13
9.7734NICKY QUATTROCCHI STJ14:5714:574:59 12.059hom14
10.1992YALIN O ISA15:2015:205:07 11.7410hom16
11.7747COLTER KING ISB17:2217:225:48 10.3711hom25
12.7748HAYDEN KING ISB17:3417:345:52 10.2512hom26
13.87MAXIMUS GREEN BSB17:4117:415:54 10.1813hom30
14.1988DAVIS M ISA17:5017:505:57 10.1014hom31
15.1990ARNON I ISA18:2218:226:08 9.8015hom34
16.1989JULES S ISA18:5618:566:19 9.5116hom38
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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