Brussels, 10/10/2010, BEL - Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon
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Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf1.10316VAN CAELENBERG Bruno38BEL14:123:33 16.9210KOEKELBERG
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf2.10102MARCHAL Benoit36BEL17:204:20 13.8563ANDERLECHT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf3.10675KWEKKEBOOM Michiel39NLD17:424:26 13.5775MAASTRICHT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf4.10389KEMPENEERS Koen35BEL20:005:00 12.01188STEENHUFFEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf5.10416BELOT Luc38BEL20:055:02 11.95197DILBEEK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf6.10674DE WIJN Mark38NLD20:105:03 11.90205HOUTEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf7.10056GRUWEZ Bram38BEL20:195:05 11.82212WATERMAAL-BOSVOORDE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf8.10666CHANONASENN Bhev37BEL20:335:09 11.68216
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf9.10390RENDERS Chris38BEL21:035:16 11.40247ROTSELAAR
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf10.10443GINEPRO Olivier36BEL22:085:32 10.85300
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf11.10662SMITTENAAR Rikkert35NLD22:525:43 10.50341
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf12.10706MANOT Sanjay35BEL23:175:50 10.31345
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf13.10941LAUWENS Raphael36BEL23:205:50 10.29347KNOKKE-HEIST
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf14.10651KESSELS Paul38NLD23:425:56 10.13373
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf15.10672HESPEL Philippe37BEL23:455:57 10.11376
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf16.10391DEVOS Wouter36BEL24:186:05 9.88396KOBBEGEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf17.10036WEBERMAN Miles38BEL25:266:22 9.44430WILRIJK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf18.10053DESTOOP Sam35BEL26:576:45 8.91442LOCHRISTI
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf19.10935DHONDT Serge35BEL28:087:02 8.54453
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf20.10686AMOUZOU Cesar39BEL38:329:38 6.23464
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf21.10687VANDERSCHAAF Nate37BEL42:1610:34 5.68469
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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