Tessenderlo, 05/07/2010, BEL - The Classic
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Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf1.4191FDE PREE Patricia4421:555:29 10.96293EEKLO
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf2.4817FRENDERS Patricia4422:195:35 10.76311DIEST
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf3.4536FGYSEMANS Isabel4422:505:43 10.52330LUMMEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf4.4704FNUYTS Nancy4324:016:01 10.00375TESSENDERLO
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf5.4884FVANWYNSBERGHE Kathia4324:436:11 9.71403RILLAAR
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf6.4135FTHEYS Geertje4324:496:13 9.68416TESSENDERLO
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf7.4658FHABRAKEN Ingrid4225:126:18 9.53430HELCHTEREN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf8.4088FOOMS Linda4225:246:21 9.45442LEOPOLDSBURG
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf9.4165FBLARINCKX Hilde4325:246:21 9.45444TESSENDERLO
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf10.4628FVERLINDEN Michele4125:286:22 9.43447GEEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf11.4070FPIFFET Els4025:306:23 9.42448SINT-TRUIDEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf12.4898FVANHAEREN Anne4425:496:28 9.30463WELLEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf13.4128FLATET Petula4226:446:41 8.98494TESSENDERLO
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf14.4680FBOSMANS Ingrid4027:006:45 8.89502HAM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf15.4052FVAN GENECHTEN Veronique4027:516:58 8.62513MEERHOUT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf16.4719FPLU Claudia4128:057:02 8.55515GEEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf17.4815FUYTENBROECK Ann4128:197:05 8.48521BONHEIDEN
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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