Hasselt, 10/10/2010, BEL - Dwars door Hasselt
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Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf1.9101FGIELEN Ann4314:384:53 12.31207X
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf2.10055FLUYSSAERT Alexandra4117:195:47 10.40483
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf3.10975FBIELEN Inge4217:415:54 10.18525
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf4.10360FBIELEN Christel4117:455:55 10.15535
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf5.10561FLENAERTS Ann4218:206:07 9.82622
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf6.9026FPEETERS Lieve4018:446:15 9.61681KURINGEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf7.9137FVANBRABANT Regina4318:516:17 9.55704KERMT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf8.9839FSTEYVERS Lutgarde4319:066:22 9.43750GENK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf9.10388FKESTELOOT Evelien4019:116:24 9.39762HEUSDEN-ZOLDER
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf10.9697FMAES Els4219:466:36 9.11842HASSELT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf11.9356FVANDERSMISSEN Christa4320:026:41 8.99869ALKEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf12.9148FSTEEGMANS Nancy4020:076:43 8.95886HERDEREN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf13.9645FBEX Liesbet4321:187:06 8.451012HASSELT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf14.9708FJONKERS Carmen4321:247:08 8.411024KERMT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf15.9020FGEYS Ann4022:327:31 7.991066HASSELT
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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