Brussels, 10/10/2010, BEL - Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon
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Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf1.11251FCARDENAS OJITO Janet37BEL16:554:14 14.199BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf2.11217FVAN ALTENA Diana38BEL19:534:59 12.0839BRUSSEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf3.11112FLIGA Lice35LVA20:095:03 11.9145RIGA
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf4.11146FCAPLIER Inge40BEL20:515:13 11.5258BRUSSEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf5.11067FVERLEYSEN Cindy35BEL21:225:21 11.2473HOEVENEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf6.11176FDONNEAUX Marie-Noelle36BEL21:505:28 11.0089BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf7.11138FGIELIS Katrien38BEL22:105:33 10.8397HOLSBEEK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf8.11946FJACQUEMIN Dominique37BEL22:145:34 10.80102BRUXELLES 9
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf9.11180FLIBU KALALA Elodie37BEL22:265:37 10.70107BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf10.11230FBONTEMPS Ariane39BEL23:075:47 10.39123BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf11.11196FIMPENS Marjolein36BEL23:095:48 10.37125DIKKEBUS
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf12.11241FARENAS Sonia36BEL23:455:57 10.11149RHODE SAINT GENESE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf13.11418FNOUPRE Isabelle39BEL23:485:57 10.09152X
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf14.11024FCUBILIER Myriam37BEL24:276:07 9.82175DENDERLEEUW
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf15.11384FPASSCHYN Lieve38BEL25:026:16 9.59193GRIMBERGEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf16.11366FRAMON Katty38BEL25:036:16 9.58194MEISE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf17.11005FDEGEZELLE Astrid36BEL25:086:17 9.55198BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf18.11878FVERSTRAETE Liesbeth39BEL25:116:18 9.53199OOSTAKKER
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf19.11893FVAN DAMME Martine35BEL25:126:18 9.52202
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf20.11899FVAN MALDERGEM Els39BEL25:156:19 9.51203
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf21.11886FGOULET Marilyne38BEL25:176:20 9.50204BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf22.11191FLEMIRE Severine37BEL25:226:21 9.46206LIMAL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf23.11359FDE WOLF Lieve38BEL25:266:22 9.44208MOLLEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf24.11360FVANDERROOST Mieke38BEL25:266:22 9.44209ASSE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf25.11387FDOMS Katrien39BEL25:366:24 9.38214ROTSELAAR
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf26.11725FKUBLI Therese3625:576:30 9.25230
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf27.11708FVANGERVEN Lucie38BEL26:026:31 9.22236
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf28.11063FGANTOIS Ilse36BEL26:076:32 9.19240BRUSSEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf29.11900FDE ROOVER Manuella38BEL26:076:32 9.19241
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf30.11883FPIETERS Ann38BEL26:246:36 9.10253
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf31.11729FLAUREYS Margaret3926:376:40 9.02258
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf32.11049FGOOLAERTS Carine36BEL26:406:40 9.00261EREMBODEGEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf33.11356FDARDENNE Catherine38BEL26:446:41 8.98266BRUXELLES 1
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf34.11095FDI MARIA Liliane37BEL27:016:46 8.88275VILVOORDE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf35.11357FEYNATTEN Celine36BEL27:106:48 8.84279GRIMBERGEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf36.11353FHEYVAERT Sara37BEL27:126:48 8.83280GRIMBERGEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf37.11386FGOOSSENS Veerle35BEL27:136:49 8.82283STEENHUFFEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf38.11686FVAN GEENBERGHE Severine39BEL27:176:50 8.80286DUISBURG
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf39.11888FGOBERT Sophie39BEL27:506:58 8.63310BRUGGE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf40.11363FDE PRINS Ann37BEL28:027:01 8.56325STEENHUFFEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf41.11090FGOOSSENS Cindy35BEL28:037:01 8.56326WOLVERTEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf42.11071FVAN DYCKE Monique36BEL28:097:03 8.53332BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf43.11905FAMEELS Vera39BEL28:397:10 8.38341
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf44.11694FYOSHIRA Mari38BEL28:407:10 8.38344
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf45.11100FVAN TONGELEN Vera38BEL28:457:12 8.35352BRUSSEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf46.11218FVAN ASBROECK Stephanie37BEL29:247:21 8.17367BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf47.11351FWARNOTTE Isabelle35BEL29:327:23 8.13368SCHAERBEEK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf48.11341FWARNOTTE Anne38BEL30:497:43 7.79380OPWIJK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf49.11337FBATEMAN Rachael35BEL32:108:03 7.46392OVERIJSE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf50.11066FDE VRIES Ilse36BEL32:208:05 7.42393HERENTHOUT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf51.11354FBOURDEAU Magali37BEL33:068:17 7.25396MEISE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf52.11086FDE SCHOUWER Stephanie36BEL33:078:17 7.25397LAKEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf53.11219FDE PAEPE Kristien40BEL33:458:27 7.11402HEVER
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf54.11368FDE REDE Cindy36BEL34:408:40 6.92409ATTENHOVEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf55.11021FBOLHUIS Dominique35NLD35:168:49 6.81410APELDOORN
Vos photos gr?ce ? SportografDNF11992FDRIES Sandrine38BELBRUXELLES 17
Vos photos gr?ce ? SportografDNF11056FLEDROIT Anne38BELSAINT-GILLES
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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