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Antwerpen, 01/05/2012, BEL - Spartacus Run
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Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf1.564FONGENA Klaartje43BEL41:116:52 8.741104LOKEREN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf2.1177FDELODDER Elvira42BEL41:326:56 8.671166BONHEIDEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf3.391FDE KOSTER Peggy41BEL42:377:07 8.451335NIEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf4.1326FBOURGEOIS Katelijne43BEL43:007:10 8.371408ANTWERPEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf5.1809FDE SMET Anne41BEL44:327:26 8.081610BRUXELLES
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf6.2042FSZAFKO Edith42BEL44:337:26 8.081612ANTWERPEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf7.467FTHEVISSEN Karin43BEL44:517:29 8.031671BIERBEEK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf8.2280FSMEETS Godelieve44BEL45:267:35 7.931745OPGLABBEEK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf9.282FMICHIELS Wendy41BEL46:117:42 7.801903BUDINGEN - ZOUTLEEUW
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf10.105FJANSEN Annemie44BEL46:117:42 7.801906LOMMEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf11.561FLASZLO Marianna44BEL46:257:45 7.761933LIEDEKERKE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf12.1614FBORGUET Nathalie42BEL47:037:51 7.651999SINT-PIETERS-LEEUW
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf13.2979FVERVAECKE Fanny42BEL47:287:55 7.592052ZWEVEGEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf14.2786FVAN ROMPAEY Katleen44BEL47:287:55 7.592053TEMSE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf15.376FLONCKE Karin43BEL47:497:59 7.532082WEZEMBEEK-OPPEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf16.2302FWEUSTENBERG Sabine41BEL48:488:08 7.382198STABROEK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf17.2395FTHIJSSEN Ilse43BEL50:128:22 7.172309GRUITRODE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf18.1127FGRIETENS Marleen41BEL50:358:26 7.122341LEUVEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf19.2530FVAN DE SIJPE Joke40BEL50:428:27 7.102360LOKEREN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf20.1146FBONNIER Hilde40BEL50:548:29 7.072376MERKEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf21.1115FCREEMERS Nadine41BEL51:358:36 6.982435BOECHOUT
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf22.1582FVEYT Dominique40BEL52:298:45 6.862495DENDERMONDE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf23.1402FMORICHARD Nancy43BEL52:358:46 6.852497DEURNE (ANTWERPEN)
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf24.1569FTRICOT Valerie44FRA53:428:57 6.712554RONCHIN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf25.2413FMOLINA Martha41BEL54:189:03 6.632578DEURNE (ANTWERPEN)
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf26.982FVAN SWEEVELDT Elke42BEL54:429:07 6.582585SCHOTEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf27.2034FVAN CANT Chris42BEL54:579:10 6.552590GROBBENDONK
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf28.96FDE LOOR Karlien40BEL55:189:13 6.512615IDEGEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf29.1563FLARTISIEN Isabelle40FRA58:089:42 6.192696LAMBERSART
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf30.2235FVERSYCK Sophie42BEL58:499:49 6.122708KRAAINEM
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf31.2134FDE BEL Sabine44BEL1:04:0410:41 5.622753MORTSEL
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf32.2237FDE BRUYN Murielle43BEL1:05:0710:52 5.532755BRUSSEL 3
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf33.456FVANORBEEK Kristel42BEL1:07:3411:16 5.332762TIENEN
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf34.913FDE POTTER Linda43BEL1:13:3912:17 4.892776EKSAARDE
Vos photos gr?ce ? Sportograf35.2230FRAMAN Sabine40BEL1:18:5713:10 4.562783BRUSSEL 14
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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