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La Roche en Ardenne, 07/07/2018, BEL - The GhostRace IV
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1.225CARTUYVELS Jean François50BEL1:21:4211:41 5.1459LA ROCHE
2.219OMÉ Jean-Luc52BELOCR BELGIUM WALLONIA1:36:4913:50 4.34140LACUISINE
3.22DE BEER Roger54BELOCR RUN OR DIE1:44:1014:53 4.03190ANS
4.463GOOSSE Christian50BEL1:44:5715:00 4.00200
5.403HUBERTY Jean-Paul54BELLES FÉDÉSRÂLES1:56:1716:37 3.61238LONGWY
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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