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 > Cycling: Road - Mountainbike - BMX - Track - Downhill - Cyclocross

If you have a UCI race licence, please mention it here and enter your licence number.

Commissionars / assistents / team leaders/ ... choose 'No licence'.
All non-elite riders (Kids, Young riders, Masters, Women) choose 'Automatic age group'.

Your licence will be asked at the registration office the day of the event.

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 > Running - Athletics

When you do athletics, please fill in the necessary here.

If your club is recognised by one of the athletics federations (VAL / LBFA / FFA for example) it will automatically be shown here.

We kindly ask Belgian runners to insert their race number underneath.

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 > ChampionChip

If you own a yellow ChampionChip, please mention it below.

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 > Triatlon

If you participate in triathlons, please fill out the necessary information here.

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